What It’s Like Dating Milton Barbarosh

Milton Barbarosh has been in the advisory services for more than 25 years. He started his career working for different advisory firms, first as an accountant only to distinguish himself and become one of the most successful and reputable advisor. Working for KPMG then the Royal Bank of Canada, he afterwards became a Manager in Merger & Acquisition & Business Valuation at Ernst & Young for three years and as President for J. W Charles Group, also for a period of about three years.

Milton Barbarosh with the experience acquired during his career and his studies saw him open his first advisory office in 1989, Stenton Leigh Group (SLG) which had its base in Florida. The company expanded and acquired high stature clients in Florida. As CEO and Founder of SLG, he became a household name recognized in the advisory sector for excellence. SLG concentrating its activities mostly in the Florida region, the for a company focusing the global market had him create in 2011 the Empire Global Advisory Services LLC, using the name strategically to indicate the global dimension.

Milton Barbarosh businesses provide, both, similar services with SLG concentrating in the Florida region and Empire Global Advisory Services internationally. Both companies have registered tremendous success and are reputable for excellence and quality service. The services provided include :
• Investment and asset management
• Merger & acquisition
• Financing
• Valuation
Milton Barbarosh is highly educated and has a DPA & CA Diploma in Public Accountancy & Chartered Accountant obtained from McGill University. He attended Concordia University where he became a certified public accountant (CPA). At York University he obtained a Master Degree in Business Administration. He is a member of the American Institute of CPAs and of the Florida Institute of CPAs. He has a license as an Accredited Business Valuator and a senior member, business valuator of the American Society of Appraisers as well as being a Certified General Management Accountant.

Milton Barbarosh is well known for the advisory service. He keeps a blog where he offers advice and occasionally updates his clients about different news and trend that is related to the sector. His reputation has seen him provide many interviews in newspapers and other media. As a person, he is quite likeable, sympathetic, and friendly. His work colleagues in the various companies he went through found him ready to provide assistance and easy to work with. As President and CEO of his companies, he has always been at the forefront in setting the example of work ethics, discipline while at the same time creating a pleasant and nice working relationship with his employees.

Milton Barbarosh knows how to relate to people in general. The more than 35 years he has spent in the advisory services has seen in meeting all sorts of people and travel to many different countries. The experience and his knowledge have also made him highly respected as a person and as a veteran of the advisory sector. Achievements that few in the industry have been able to match.

Milton Barbarosh is CEO of Stenton Leigh Group (SLG) and President of Empire Global Advisory Services LLC. He founded both companies to provide the same services one with a local orientation in Florida and the other with an international focus. SLG was founded in 1989. The company registered tremendous success and became reputable as an advisory firm. Fuelled by that success, Milton Barbarosh saw the need to open to the global market and offer his expertise. In 2011 he created the Empire Global Advisory Services. To date, both companies are recognized for excellence, quality services and are reputable in the industry.

Milton Barbarosh companies offer lending, investing and advisory services. SLG has been in operation for 28 years and has left its mark in the US and particularly in the Florida region. The group initially specialized in the sale of real estates and acted as a broker company. The group, then, widen its services to start offering lending, investing and advisory services. The success and reputation of the company grew beyond the borders of the US, mostly because of its founder interpersonal qualities and professionalism that the company became a household name in the industry in the US.

Milton Barbarosh then created the Empire Global Advisory Services as a response from a wide range of clients from outside the United State who approached his company since the internet opened the doors to companies internationally, making it easier to have a global presence. Today, both companies are among market leaders in their sector. Services provided include:
• Principle investments
• Merger & Acquisitions
• Financings
• Valuation services
• Consulting
• Business Services

Milton Barbarosh has more than 35 years of experience in the advisory services. He started his career working as an accountant at KPMG then the Royal Bank of Canada. He then was offered the position of Manager at Ernst & Young. There he stayed for 3 years dealing with issues of Merger & Acquisition and Business Valuation. His experience led him to accept a job as President of J.W. Charles Group, a mini-bond fund based in Florida.

Milton Barbarosh experience working as an advisor and his studies even then, had him contribute to the family business (Croft Investment Limited Partnership), but his vision and aspiration saw him open his own business, SLG, in 1989. He studied Accounting at Concordia University and also at McGill University where he obtained a DPA & CA Diploma following a program of Public Accountancy and Chartered Accountant. His highest degree is a Master degree in Business Administration obtained from York University.

Milton Barbarosh is a highly experienced and professional advisor. Both CEO of SLG and President of the Empire Global Advisory Services, he has successfully expanded both companies to become very reputable. He is very solicited and is frequently seen offering interviews in the media. He is a member of the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and of Florida Institute of CPAs (FICPA). He has a license as an Accredited Business Valuator (ABV) and is a senior member and business evaluator for the American Society of Appraisers, and his a Certified General Management Accountant (CGMA)

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